1. Book a consultation

    All appointments are online at this point, but if you’d like assistance, you can visit our Christchurch or Nelson clinic and our Practice Manager can guide you through the consult.

    We will send an email confirmation with all the details. There will be a link for you to complete a form with some medical details. If you have booked an online consultation there will also be a link to your telehealth appointment.

  2. Meet with a consultant

    On the day of your appointment, click on the link in either your email confirmation or email reminder.

    The doctor will consult with you for 30 minutes regarding your health condition and assess how medicinal cannabis or CBD oil might be able to assist you.  If your case is complex, the doctor may suggest that a further 20-minute consultation is required and book that time for you.

  3. Prescription issued

    If your medical practitioner feels that medical marijuana could be helpful they will write a prescription.

    We can either send this through to our pharmacy partner for dispensing, (they will courier the products to you), or we can forward it to your local pharmacy.

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