Research increasingly suggests that extracts from the cannabis plant are effective in treating pain, anxiety, epilepsy and more. The Pain Clinic has a dedicated team of professional GPs that can assess and prescribe specifically for your health condition.

We are here to guide you through your health journey, and can prescribe a wide range of products from around the world that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe and reliable. Our GPs are experienced in CBD oil and medicinal cannabis, and are available to answer your questions.

Our process is simple

The process is simple and confidential. You don’t even need a referral, although if you prefer, we could speak with your current GP.


Book a consultation

Book an online or face to face consultation in just a few minutes, at a time that is convenient for you.


Meet with a consultant

Your preferred GP will contact you via a secure online link, or via telephone to provide you with a consultation on your health condition, and to assess how medicinal cannabis or CBD oil might be able to help you.


Receive your prescription

Your Medical specialist will write a prescription if appropriate and this can be sent directly to our pharmacy partner for delivery to you or to your local pharmacy if preferred.

Our consultation pricing

Initial consultation



  • 30 minute consultation with Doctor.
  • Discussion regarding your health concern
  • Explanation about our bodies endocannabinoid system
  • Provision of a prescription for medicinal cannabis product/s if appropriate
  • Should your health situation be complex, the Doctor may suggest an additional 20 minute consultation to allow them to gain a fuller understanding. They will discuss this with you. An additional fee of $50.00 would apply to this.
Follow-up consultation



  • 20 minute follow up consultation with Doctor
  • Discussion regarding your medications prescribed at the initial consultation and how you feel they are working
  • Answer any questions or concerns that you may have
  • Advice around any changes in dose or medication as the Doctor feels is appropriate
Repeat prescription



  • Provision of repeat prescription
  • Prescription sent directly to a pharmacy of your choice or to our Pharmacy partner for delivery to you

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