This website is designed to answer questions that you may have regarding medicinal cannabis generally. The information provided on the potential health benefits and uses of medicinal cannabis, and medicines derived from it, is provided for educative purposes only.

No information provided on this website is to be construed as medical advice or as promoting the use of medicinal cannabis, or any other medicine, either approved or unapproved.

This site is not a substitute for professional medical advice provided by a registered medical practitioner. If you are feeling unwell, you should immediately consult with a doctor or call 111 if it is an emergency.

Medicinal cannabis does not necessarily work for every person, or every condition and it may not necessarily work for you.  You should always consult with your Doctor, or other registered medical practitioner as to the appropriateness of medical cannabis being used to treat any illness, ailment or condition suffered by you.  Professional.  If you have questions or concerns regarding any matter relating to your health and wellbeing, you should consult with your doctor or other registered medical practitioner.

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