Paul Kim is a friendly and approachable doctor who also works as a GP registrar, treating patients in the Auckland community. Originally from South Korea, Paul moved to New Zealand at the age of 12 and grew up in Hamilton, fully embracing Kiwi culture. He pursued his university education at Otago University and gained extensive experience working in various DHBs. During this time, he encountered many patients in pain, fueling his passion for finding personalized, low side-effect solutions. This led to his keen interest in medical cannabis for treating various conditions.

Paul is devoted to holistic health and well-being, striving to help his patients live their fullest and healthiest lives. In his personal life, he enjoys yoga, meditation, mixed martial arts, and weight lifting, which contribute to his balanced lifestyle.

With a relaxed and easy-to-talk-to demeanor, Paul ensures that his patients feel heard and supported.

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