Could Cannabis Help to Relieve Pain?

We all have pain at times. Ranging from a mild muscle strain, through to chronic and debilitating migraines, injuries and illnesses. Are CBD and THC a good option for treatment?

It’s estimated that one in eight people suffer from chronic pain. That is a huge number of people who are trying to live their life while under the influence of debilitating pain.

While there are many conventional treatments for pain, they come with side effects. Addiction, constipation, nausea, sweating, or depression are all common – and, often tolerance builds up, meaning you have to take more and more to achieve the same effects.

However, THC and CBD oil Nz may be the solution for some people, alleviating pain and allowing a full, happy life. Trials have shown that about 25% of people experience relief from CBD alone, and that increases to 50% when combined with THC.

But, is it right for you?

CBD for Back Pain

Back pain can be due to injury, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and is more common in women due to hormones, reproductive functions, and pregnancy which adds extra pressure to joints and can cause long-lasting problems. Pain can be long lasting, leaving people unable to complete even small tasks.

Initial studies are showing that CBD can help to reduce inflammation, neuropathy, and changes the way pain expresses in the brain. A meta-analysis of cannabis use for back pain showed that the use of CBD was effective in treating back pain, with minimal side effects. Other studies are showing that use of cannabis reduces the amount of opioids that patients require, and decreases pain and disability.

CBD for Arthritis

Arthritis is a common problem, and can be due to wear and tear, osteoporosis, and inflammation from auto-immune diseases. While the mechanisms of causing osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis are different, the resulting pain is common among sufferers.

THC has been shown to be twice as anti-inflammatory as a traditional hydrocortisone, and 20 times more anti-inflammatory than an aspirin. This can produce positive results in arthritic conditions, minimising the amount of traditional treatments taken and reducing pain. There’s also evidence to suggest that beta-myrcene (β-myrcene), which is present in medicinal cannabis Nz, can slow cartilage destruction and the progression of osteoarthritis.

Other cannabis studies have consistently shown improvement in pain symptoms in arthritis sufferers, with 62% reporting less pain.

CBD for Cancer Pain

The pain associated with cancer can be crippling, requiring strong painkillers that can cause unpleasant side effects, limited efficacy, addiction, and tolerance. There is strong research that shows CBD and THC may assist cancer sufferers in reducing pain symptoms.

Of particular interest, people who did not experience relief from traditional opioids showed improvement with cannabis based treatments. A meta study showed that cannabis can be used to successfully treat chronic pain from cancer.

CBD for Migraines

As well as incredibly debilitating pain, migraines can affect vision, cause physical disturbances, and cause nausea. They can be a continual problem, occurring regularly and lasting for days. However, there is some amazing research into cannabis treatment for migraines. One study found that medicinal cannabis use reduced migraine frequency in 60% of patients, and resulted in lower medication requirements and a far better quality of life.

Another study showed 85.1% of patients showed a dropped in frequency of migraines (from 10.4 to 4.6 a month), and also can stop the migraine if taken during the headache.

CBD for Endometriosis

10% of Kiwi women suffer from endometriosis. The main symptom is extreme period pain, for extended periods of time, with sufferers unable to live a normal life for weeks at a time. A combination of CBD and THC can be effective, with mouse studies showing THC reduces pain, and inhibits cysts from endometriosis. This appears to be due to interactions between the endocannabinoid system and pain mechanisms in endometriosis sufferers, and the complex waterfall of central and peripheral neural system, hormones, and pain systems.

More studies are underway to evaluate any effects on fertility and pregnancy, so caution should be advised if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

CBD for Fibromyalgia

It’s thought that up to 6% of Kiwis have some form of fibromyalgia. This includes debilitating pain, and a loss of quality of life. Muscle pain and stiffness, fatigue, impaired concentration, and poor sleep are all common symptoms.

A large study of 367 fibromyalgia sufferers showed that 80% of people reported improvements in sleep, and alleviation of depressive symptoms. Other studies show a reduction in pain, other fibromyalgia symptoms, and an increase in quality of life.

CBD and THC Could Help Reduce Your Pain

While studies are ongoing, there are many studies that show that CBD, THC, or a combination of the two, can help to alleviate a variety of pain symptoms. Because the risk of side effects is so low, it could be worth trying, especially as the field of cannabis research continues to delve into the mechanisms of pain relief and optimising the delivery.

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